Foreign trade in

    The purpose of the SSO: formation of information on export-import of services for the needs of drawing up foreign trade and payment balances of Ukraine, assessment of the development of economic relations of Ukraine with other countries of the world


    SSO Unit:

    • enterprise 


    Main statistical indicators:

    • export of services
    • import of services
    • rate of growth/decrease in the volume of export of services
    • rate of increase/decrease in the volume of import of services
    • specific weight of the volume of export of services
    • specific weight of the volume of import of services
    • balance of services
    • export-import coverage ratio
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    Sources of statistical information:


    • SSO "Foreign trade in services"
    • SSO "Foreign trade in goods"
    • SSO "Register of statistical units"

    Reporting forms:

    • No. 9-ZEZ (quarterly) "Report on export-import of services"
    • No. 1-SEZ (construction) (annual) "Extended report on export-import of construction services"




    International and European norms and standards:


    Contacts (head of SSO):

    Olga Mykolayivna Dolinska
    Anna Vasylivna Opanasenko
    Department of Statistics of Foreign Economic Activity and Energy
    +38 (044) 287 20 33

    Official state statistical information that has not yet been uploaded to the Data Bank. Subsequently, all indicators will be available in the Data Bank.